CuteCircuit on the BBC World!

Francesca has been interviewed for BBC World Technology Go Digital programme by Tracey Logan and Helen Sharp.

[column_one_half]The subject of the interview was the new collection of wearables TransforMe, a series of garments that transform themselves during the day according to the wearer’s mood and social activities. The garments were shown officially for the first time in Amsterdam during the Nemo Science Museum’s How Smart are You Dressed Tomorrow?event (see pictures in the previous posts).[/column_one_half][column_one_half_last] The interview is broadcasted on BBC Go Digital today Monday 8 and tomorrow Tuesday 9 November 2004 at 1500 GMT, for detailed time schedule for other time zones, and hear the interview visit BBC website. In case you missed it click on the November 8th video archive! or visit BBC World Go Digital[/column_one_half_last]