A CuteCircuit Design Exclusively for Selfridges

For a limited time you can find an exclusive and amazing range of CuteCircuit fashions at Selfridges.


In the Womenswear Department on the second floor you will find the fabulous K-Dress. The K-Dress, which made it’s debut earlier this year in Paris for Fashion Week, is made entirely in the UK of 100% luscious silk chiffon and silk taffeta


And it features hundreds of LED lights embedded in the fabric that glow and sparkle in whatever colour or pattern you choose![/column_one_half][column_one_half_last]

And… In the Men’s Denim and Streetwear Department you will find an exclusive range of the fantastic Twirkle Shirts!

The Twirkle shirt is a magical shirt that glows in reaction to your movements

Grazia Loves the K-Dress at Selfridges!