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New York Fashion Week

CuteCircuit to show at NYFW CuteCircuit will be showing on schedule at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week on February 12th at 5pm. We are very excited to introduce the new Ready to Wear Collection featuring the signature evening looks, daywear, and amazing accessories.

Signature International Fashion Week

CuteCircuit illuminated the catwalk with an exclusive and unique fashion show during the Signature International Fashion Week 2013 in Mumbai.

The models walked the runway leaving the audience speechless. From the darkness the colorful patterns shined following the rhythm of the music matching in perfection with the joyful spirit of Mumbai.
The collection is a great example of expert tailoring and fascinating technical achievement, from the stunningly advanced Magic Fabric micro technology to the playful Twirkle technology, each piece is designed to make a woman sparkle.

CuteCircuit at Holon Fashion Week

CuteCircuit was invited to be part of the Holon Fashion Week taking place at the Design Museum Holon nearby Tel Aviv, Israel. This year the week long event was themed “Materials Fashion is made of”, focusing on technology, digital expression, and the return to handmade items versus the embrace of new technologies. Special guests included […]


Istanbul Fashion Show

Istanbul- the beautiful city along the historic Silk Road shines under a starry sky, in this evocative setting CuteCircuit presents the new Haute Couture collection. The models walked the runway on the Bosphorus wearing CuteCircuit’s latest haute couture collection during an exclusive fashion show sponsored by Magnum. Celebrities including special guest Orlando Bloom (Magnum’s ambassador […]


The Mask: Bloody Beetroots

CuteCircuit has designed a brand new spectacular Mask for dj Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, aka the Bloody Beetroots.
Respecting the original Mask shape, the new high tech Mask lights up adding more adrenaline to the show and even more strength to the music.

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Pink & Black Haute Couture

CuteCircuit presents the new Pink & Black Collection. This Haute Couture collection is Magnum’s brand ambassador for the launch of their new delicious Pink & Black Haute Couture ice cream flavours for summer 2013. Check out the amazing atmospheric video.