Katy Perry Catsuit

American Idol

CuteCircuit designed a sexy white catsuit adorned with thousands of interactive glowing lights and glimmering Swarovski crystals for Kate Perry at American Idol 2011.

She performed her chart topping single E.T. sharing the stage with surprise guest Kanye West, who added his own lyrical performance to the bridge of the song.

Katy Perry illuminated the stage on American Idol wearing the stunning CuteCircuit Catsuit.

CuteCircuit designers Francesca and Ryan commented, “The design inspiration grew directly from Katy’s song.We wanted to use shapes and fabrics that would amplify the unique atmosphere of the music and create a stunning visual experience.”

Newspaper reviews of the performance ranged from glowing to astonished with one paper exclaiming, “Forget extraterrestrial, Katy is extra-delectable!”

Following the success of Katy’s stunning performance, sales of her chart topping hit saw an increase of over half a million, shooting the single into the #1 spot on both Billboard’s Hot 100 and the US iTunes Charts.