Laura Pausini Skirt

Inedito World Tour

CuteCircuit has designed an extraordinary 4.5 meters long skirt for the World Tour of the famous Italian singer Laura Pausini.

The Inedito World Tour has started in Italy in December and it will reach South America  and other European Countries, being one of the largest world tours she has ever made.

During the “Invece No” song the artist appears flying through the set seating on a ring. She wears the unique skirt that creates a dreamy and magical space illuminated by the cascade of colourful lights that fall softly with the rythm of the song.

The exclusive piece is made of the finest Italian Silk Chiffon

and adorned by hundreds of Swarovski crystals and lights. Matching with a Roberto Cavalli corset, accessories, music, video and set, every single detail has been tailor-made for this big occasion. All made for her fans that will not be disappointed after being part of this unforgettable experience.