New Twirkle Top

Sparkle & Glow

The Twirkle top features the patented interactive CuteCircuit LED Technology that sparkles and glows. Made in luscious italian microfiber and silk chiffon, with microLEDs embed into the fabric, the Twirkle top reacts to the wearer’s movement creating sparkles, glows, and twinkles. The more the wearer moves the more the microLEDs change colour and sparkle.
This amazing effect is emphasised by the chiffon overlay that creates a beautiful

silhouette and diffusion of the light at the same time. Powered by a USB rechargeable long-life battery; it recharges easily from your computer to be always ready for a day at the office and a glowing night out. The Twirkle Top comes in black, blue, grey/chartreuse, pink/stripy, and star designs to suit any style and look.

This iconic CuteCircuit design is available in both womens and mens styles. The Twirkle top is fully washable in the washing machine on the 30 degrees delicate cycle. This is the first piece of wearable technology that can be truly used as a normal everyday garment, it was originally launch in 2010, after 2 years of the strictest wash tests, to inaugurate the CuteCircuit online store: