Robotica is Happening Now!!

CuteCircuit is showing the latest Hug Shirt at the Robótica Expo in São Paulo, Brazil.[column_one_half] The exhibition is showing now until Sunday, the 15th of April at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, São Paulo.

On the opening day of the exhibition the Hug Shirt was featured in interviews and live demonstrations for more than 10 Brazilian television shows reaching an estimated 18 million viewers across Brazil!

[/column_one_half][column_one_half_last]Visitors to Robótica are trying on the latest in Hug Shirt technology and loving it! Visitors to the CuteCiruit booth get to wear Hug Shirts and can record a hug and send it to their friends, or receive a hug in real-time transmitted to the Hug Shirt just for them.

Robótica is going on now, so if you are in Brasil, come see us![/column_one_half_last]