Sarah Brightman’s Space Dress

CuteCircuit has designed a spectacular evening gown for the world’s most amazing soprano: Sarah Brightman.

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The talented singer has chosen an Haute Couture CuteCircuit dress to be part of her worldwide Dreamchaser Tour.

The dress is made of black techno-tulle decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals and magically illuminated by almost 6000 LEDs that shine from top to bottom and front to back through the delicate fabric creating a shimmering and magical halo during the performance.

Displaying moving patterns in a wonderful array of colors,


the lights flow gracefully along the singer’s body.

Sarah Brightman’s performance is truly out of this world. Inspired by the theme of space travel, the show, the costumes, the sets and the choreographies are going to be an incredible preview of her space travel to the International Space Station in 2015.

The Dreamchaser World Tour kicks off in China this June 2013 with Japan, Korea, North America and South America concert dates to follow.