“The Year of Dangerous Minds” starts Today!

It is the Year of Dangerous Minds at the Gravity Free Design and Innovation conference!

[column_one_half]Gravity Free started today in Chicago and CuteCircuit founders Francesca and Ryan spoke in the first session kicking off the Conference with a dose of Fashionable and Wearable Technology. The talk was followed by an Open Forum discussion about design innovation with other speakers in the session Charles White (master illustrator and imaginator) and Jamie Drake [/column_one_half][column_one_half_last](bold and intense interior design).
Each session at the conference is being videotaped and sessions will be added for online viewing every two weeks over the following months. We will post and update when the sessions become available.

Update 1: Read the Core 77 blog entry here.[/column_one_half_last]