The T-shirt of the Future

The World’s very first wearable, sharable, programmable T-shirt designed by CuteCircuit.

TshirtOS looks like a simple grey t-shirt but it has the extraordinary power to allow you to share your Facebook Status and your Tweets, your favourite songs and pictures.

Choose a new way to communicate with the world, wear the future of self-expression.

The tshirtOS, now renamed InfiniTShirt, is a Patent Pending product of CuteCircuit worldwide.

Easy to use, the tshirtOS features thousands of full colour pixels arranged in a soft wearable grid, it is controlled using an App on your mobile phone allowing you to broadcast nearly anything and that’s not all…

tshirtOS includes a built-in micro-camera, microphone, accelerometer and speakers. 

It’s time to express yourself and leave an impression. If you think that tshirtOS is a cool idea, register your interest by subscribing the CuteCircuit newsletter.

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  • 1024 pixels in full color to display amazing animations
  • Bluetooth connected
  • Controllable via Q App
  • Microphone (sound and noise reactive)
  • Movement sensor (jump and display new animations)
  • Headphone jack (play music wirelessly from your smartphone)
  • Micro-camera (those photos are going to be awesome)
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