The T-shirt of the Future

The World’s very first wearable, sharable, programmable T-shirt designed by CuteCircuit.

TshirtOS looks like a simple grey t-shirt but it has the extraordinary power to allow you to share your Status, your Tweets, your favourite songs and pictures.

Choose a new way to communicate with the world and wear the future of self-expression. The TshirtOS features thousands of full colour pixels arranged in a soft wearable grid, it is controlled using an App on your mobile phone allowing you to broadcast nearly anything and that’s not all…

TshirtOS includes an array of interactive technologies to allow it to perform in a variety of ways, including: built-in micro-camera, microphone, accelerometer and audio jack.

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The tshirtOS, now renamed InfiniTShirt, is a Patent Pending product of CuteCircuit worldwide.

Some Data About the Shirt

  • 1024 pixels in full color to display amazing animations
  • Bluetooth connected
  • Controllable via Q App
  • Microphone (sound and noise reactive)
  • Movement sensor (jump and display new animations)
  • Headphone jack (play music wirelessly from your smartphone)
  • Micro-camera (those photos are going to be awesome)
  • Watch the full video here: T-shirt OS Video