Wearables Workshop at AHO

From February 13th to the 17th, CuteCircuit gave an intensive one week wearables workshop at AHO, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

[column_one_half]In this workshop, participants imagined what the future of clothing might be like; drawing inspiration from cultural cues of today and the latest in new materials and technologies. The course ended with a fashion show presenting the designs developed during the week. Each design displayed an innovative take on how technology and new approaches to fashion combine to create innovative clothing possibilities.[/column_one_half][column_one_half_last]

The participants formed groups and each focused on a particular desire or need: the need for safety, the desire to control perception, the desire for personal space, the desire to express emotion. The resulting design solutions were colorful, exciting and very surprising! These interaction designers did a fantastic job!!![/column_one_half_last]