Our sustainability mindset is in accordance with today’s issues
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Our sustainability mindset is in accordance with today’s issues

CuteCircuit's DNA
About This Project



Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world due to an overproduction, with many garments remaining unsold creating vast amounts of waste. However it’s possible to recycle almost 90 percent of clothing, keeping this in mind, at CuteCircuit, every project is directed toward a circular business model. The sustainability mindset has always been a part of our genes, since day one, going away from the fast fashion approach and mass consumption, we create a new way to perceive and wear fashion. Even the biggest fashion leaders have understood the need for changing the industry and are part of this movement. With CuteCircuit’s creations the wearer can change their look as many times as they want in a day while keeping the same garment, in an instant, and thanks to a mobile phone App. The wearers are empowered to control what their wardrobe looks like. The entire changeover to a hundred percent sustainable way of production is still far but wishing reach and we progressively increase our commitment in this efforts. For example, every CuteCircuit Mirror Handbag is produced with a zero waste manufacturing process, and we also offer a “return for recycling” option that allows customers to return a used item for a discount on new purchases creating a virtuous circle for sustainable fashion innovation.