As time goes by, technologies evolve simultaneously. Since more than 16 years now, we have seen this activity sector innovate and reinvent itself, developing new electronic components always tinier and more powerful the ever. We have put all this for the benefit of our creations in many different final functionalities : 3D printing, haptic telecommunication, heart rate, auditive and moving sensors, IoT, solar charging technology, LEDs, activity tracking, etc…

Technology incorporation in a new activity sector, can only be successful if this technology answer a real need previously identified. The key is the good comprehension of the technology and the choice of its use, it’s also a personalised and efficient manner to answer the issue. Our targeted challenges are firstly to bring an added value to the  customer’s point of view with the services and products we provide and their useful features to be renewable and to last in time.

The use of technology undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of a company and this point meets our third challenge which is to stay updated. We didn’t only acquired new knowledge, we also learned how to adapte ourselves to the upcoming technologies and this mastery of diverse technics took us to a point that no matter the next innovation we will be trained and able to integrate it in a new creation.