All along the years more and more big brands and companies have required CuteCircuit’s products and services. Our customer field is very diverse practically on the activity sectors. For a small selection of them, we can find film production (Paramount, Warner Bros), automotive (Mercedes, BMW),  beauty (Benefit, Unilever), fashion (Chanel, Converse) numeric (Google, Samsung, Microsoft), and many others… All those projects have been achieved

thanks to a specific manner of integration and use of electronics. Indeed, there are many possibilities of applications like advertising, outsourcing, event or proper electronic integration in a final product. Furthermore people here more about us when celebrities do a public appearance in a CuteCircuit’s creation. See Katy Perry at the Met Gala in 2010, Nicole Scherzinger for the Twitter Dress, U2 and The Bloody Beetroots for their own concert.

They have all asked for their own creation and in consequences the media impact was really big. Those partnerships and collaborations have a real weigh in the proof of CuteCircuit job’s quality and enhance other brands and celebrities to have faith in us.