In 2004 FashionTech clothes hadn’t already took a real shape, but CuteCircuit was founded and had already developed many projects exceeding what everybody could expect. The HugShirt was our first success and people are still talking about it. We have been invited in 25 countries and more than 55 cities for conferences, shows, television and radio talks, without speaking about the countless numbers of articles written about us all around the world. Nine of our creations are world premiere such as The HugShirt, the Twitter Dress,

the SoundShirt, and the Graphene Dress. In addition with those performances, more than fifteen museums have exhibited a selection of our pieces. All this make us the world’s first wearable and technology fashion brand. Since then, we have alway kept our attention on innovations improvements, knowledge about new technologies and update our methods. Having known a such evolution in this activity sector, and still being involved by now prove our strength and the reason why we are the leader in FashionTech garment creation.

With the position we have in this field, our role is also to release on the state of the market and the relation between the technologies we have developed, the year of its launches and what people do now. This is a reference for new entry, brands and designers calling themselves Fashion Wearable Tech players.