Fashion is Art is Fashion

The MFA Dress is an interactive Haute Couture dress commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts Boston for their permanent collection.

CuteCircuit used their Magic Fabric interactive textile technology for the recent commission, incorporating more than 10,000 MicroLEDs and sensors to create animations on the surface of a stunning haute couture evening gown. The MFA Dress is both lightweight and wearable employing the savoir-faire of CuteCircuit’s haute couture dressmaking techniques and cutting edge wearable technology.

Visitors to the #techstyle exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts can use an iPad running the CuteCircuit Q App to select images from the MFAs collection, including Hokusai’s Great Wave and Ellsworth Kelly’s Blue Green Yellow Orange Red to display on the dress in real time with extraordinary colour depth.

The CuteCircuit MFA dress is the centrepiece of the #TECHSTYLE exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

I love how mesmerising this dress looks, the elegant and lightweight silhouette plays beautifully with the jewel-tone Swarovski crystals and micro-LED embroidery, it shows the savoir-faire of our atelier's petites mains

Francesca Rosella

Future Fashion

Clothes that respond to the environment, fabrics patterned by lasers and ready-to-wear garments that come off a 3D printer—all of these innovations are poised to have a profound impact on the future of fashion. Designers have embraced these developments, and the exhibition #techstyle, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), examines how the synergy between fashion and technology is not only changing design and manufacturing, but also the way people interact with their clothes.

Seeing the masterpieces come to life on a wearable masterpiece connects deeply with the visitors to the exhibition, recontextualising the relationship between art and viewer by making the artwork become a part of a persons body, blurring the lines between artpiece and viewer.

The CuteCircuit MFA Dress pushes the boundaries of innovation even further then previous collections. The garment’s functionality is new to fashion and showcases a future forward idea for creating fashion that matches the digital lifestyle of the wearer. These innovations are also built into the CuteCircuit ready to wear collection where they are used for enhancing both the sustainability of fashion manufacturing and personal expression.

The Cutecircuit MFA Dress is part of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston permanent collection.