CuteCircuit at MindTrek, Finland

CuteCircuit at MindTrek, Finland

MindTrek starts this week in Tampere, Finland. MindTrek is the leading Nordic digital media and business conference, focusing on social media & Web 2.0. At MindTrek you will see the newest trends, innovations, revolutionary business phenomena and hear insights from the most high-spirited visionaries.

This year at MindTrek, CuteCircuit is presenting innovations in the filed of Wearable Technology as part of “Visions of Future User Interfaces” at 11:20 on Friday, October 2nd.

MindTrek brings together entrepreneurs, researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines that are involved in the development of media in fields ranging from sociology and economy, to technology.

In recent years there have been speakers such as Marc Davis (Yahoo!), Chris DiBona (Google), Anssi Vanjoki (Nokia), Bob Sutor (IBM), Ashwin Navin (BitTorrent), Paula le Dieu (BBC, Creative Archive), Florence Nibart-Devouard (Wikimedia Foundation), Teemu Kurppa (Jaiku), Jim Zemlin (Linux Foundation), Monty Widenius (MySQL), etc.

MindTrek 2009 will be held in Tampere, Finland from Sep 30th – Oct 2nd.