Ubiquitous Computing Summit 2009

Ubiquitous Computing Summit 2009

CuteCircuit founders Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella were in Helsinki Finland this week to give a Keynote Speech at the Ubiquitous Computing Summit 2009.

The field of Ubiquitous Computing deals with how computing and human-computer interaction is accomplished when computers no longer reside on a desktop in a home or office, but literally reside in every product that we interact with on a daily basis.

And of course, Wearable Technology is a key component of this new technological landscape.

Having a microprocessor in your clothing or a powerful computer in your dress is no longer the realm of Science Fiction because these things are part of our world today and will be increasingly part of our world in the future.

The talk from Ryan and Francesca focused on how the designs from CuteCircuit emerge specifically with users in mind, often including users in the design process, and how this design process produces designs that are delightful and empower users. Designing for the world of Ubiquitous Computers is not an easy task because data and information can flow literally to and from every person in every part of the world. CuteCircuit’s presentation focused on the products that will be defining this new environment.