Eurovision Final

Oslo, Norway. Safura, the rapidly rising star of the European music world, took the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest wearing a mesmerising CuteCircuit gown.

The dress made of silk chiffon in a gradient of blue hues, and embroidered with hundreds of Swarovski crystals flowed magically around Safura like waves in the ocean.

The Haute Couture interactive dress has been designed specifically for Safura’s Eurovision performance and highlights the emotion of her hit song Drip Drop.

This hand pleated silk chiffon dress is embedded with over 5400 glowing Micro LEDs, and displays videos of waves and water drops from the real-time wireless stream controlled by the lighting director during the show.

The stage design matched the dress with the stunning water-themed videos appearing on the translucent crystal stairs and backdrop to highlight the emotional moments of the song.

The shoes and the glove that Safura wears on her left hand are also embroidered with Swarovski crystals in hues matching the dress.

The dress is shorter at the front and has a long train at the back that flows magically when Safura moves.

The show started with subtle sparkles like light reflecting on water and then went on to become rain drops and waves in an amazing crescendo, making the whole surface of the dress become alive and vibrant along with Safura’s interpretation.

Watch the amazing video.