Sarah Brightman Dress

Dreamchaser Tour

CuteCircuit’s Black Diamond Haute Couture Dress comes to life in a special blue/black edition for Sarah Brightman’s Dreamchaser Tour.

Sarah wears the Black Diamond Dress for the finale of the show while singing Deliver Me and Venus and Mars inspired by her future space voyage.

The dress colours and glowing patterns are inspired by the stars and cosmos and merge seamlessly with the fantastic set design that highlights constellations  and shimmering space landscapes.

Sarah’s flawless performance is even more stunning when the dress sparkles and gives the impression that she is already floating weightlessly in space.

Watch the videos from the special documentary filmed in London.

  • Contains over 3000 addressable LEDs
  • 300 Swarovski Crystals, Hand embroidered
  • Controlled in realtime via wireless MIDI