The Hibiscus Dress

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The Hibiscus Dress

Luxury exhibition in Paris

Fashion becomes tinged with PINK…

Presented for the first time during a luxury exhibition in the heart of Paris, the Hibiscus Dress is the latest beautiful couture creation designed by Francesca Rosella, head designer of CuteCircuit.

An evening dress that joins the incredible

innovation of the Wearable Technology with the exclusive beauty and elegance typical of the Haute Couture heritage.

The flowing silk chiffon skirt evokes the gracefulness of the petals of the Hibiscus.

As the hawaiian flower, this lovely long gown creates a beautiful aura of bright

pink color around the wearer, and the top part of the dress is illuminated by our signature luminous Technology.

Scarlet, fuchsia, indigo, cobalt… enchanting games of vibrant colors lit-up the Hibiscus Dress, for a surprising beauty that brings the future here now.

Francesca Rosella

The Hibiscus Dress is one of my favourite dresses from our Haute Couture collection. The layers of silk chiffon bloom with the same grace and lightness of a real hibiscus flower

Francesca RosellaCo-Founder and Chief Creative Director of CuteCircuit