Wearable Technology Exhibit Opens Today!

The exhibit titled Our Cyborg Future at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle (UK) opens today! Exhibits include the Hug Shirt by CuteCircuit
[column_one_half]and while at the exhibit you can even try one on and even get a hug from someone far away! Also we are introducing a brand new prototype from CuteCircuit called the SkateHoodie that you can try out in the museum! Other cutting-edge technology you will see in the exhibition include prosthetic limbs, robots that are used to perform medical surgery, and a prototype designer dress created by Hussein Chalayan.

[/column_one_half][column_one_half_last]The event will run at the museum from Friday, August 10th until the 27th of October. Best of all entry is FREE!

The exhibit is supported by DOTT’07 and the Design Council and is curated by Andrew Chetty and Sabine Seymour.[/column_one_half_last]