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MFA Dress

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts commissioned CuteCircuit to create an interactive haute couture gown for their #techstyle exhibition.

The evening gown, embroidered with thousands of Swarovski crystals on black silk chiffon, features illuminated Magic Fabric that creates a mesmerising display of imagery inspired by the museum’s masterpieces such as the Great Wave Off Kanagawa by legendary artist Hokusai, and the mervellously multicoloured Blue Green Yellow Orange Red by Ellsworth Kelly.

Graphene Dress

The Graphene Dress is the World’s first little black dress made using Graphene. It was commissioned by Intu to celebrate fashion Innovation. CuteCircuit worked with the scientists at the National Graphene Institute in Manchester to produce graphene substrates used in the innovative dress design. The Graphene dress marks the first time that the Nobel Prize winning material has been used in fashion. The design of the dress reflects the properties of graphene in its shape and decoration.

The LEDs are placed on a transparent, highly conductive, Graphene element, so it looks like the LEDs are floating on the wearer’s body.

An electron-microscope view of Graphene shows hexagonal crystal-like formations, this inspired the 3D printed crystal-like translucent appliqués combined with lightweight laser-cut colour changing elements that innovate haute-couture techniques.

The dress features Graphene-enhanced stretch sensors that capture the breathing pattern of the wearer. The data is stored in a real-time database, and a powerful microprocessor analyses the data and depending on the depth of the breath taken by the wearer changes the colour of the LED decoration. For a shallow breath the LEDs turn from orange to green, for a deep breath they change from purple to turquoise.



The Data Centre collection featured an exclusive collaboration between Chanel and CuteCircuit inspired by CuteCircuit’s luminous handbag designs. We designed three versions of luminous bags: the classic Boy Small and Boy Medium, and an Envelope to fit a laptop – a brand new shape for the French couture house. The colourful Micro-LED animations feature patterns and colours that make the collection’s fabrics come alive in mesmerising hues of bright pink and acid greens. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for the Spring Summer campaign featuring model Arizona Muse.

Spring Summer London

Spring Summer New York

Autumn Winter New York

CuteCircuit’s first runway show at New York Fashion Week on February 12th 2014 marked the first time that wearable technology was presented in any fashion week anywhere in the world. The collection introduced the concept of mobile-controlled fashion customisation, that is now patented by CuteCircuit, it also featured the first generation of the Mirror Handbag, our luminous handbag that remains today one of our best sellers. The iMiniSkirt was worn by Katy Perry and became part of the Digital Revolution exhibition at the Barbican Museum in London touring worldwide for the past 6 years. The collection was inspired by architecture and images of illuminated futuristic buildings reflecting on the surfaces of a rainy urban landscape.


CuteCircuit teamed up with Absolut to bring messages of empowerment to the Grammy’s red carpet.

Singers Santigold and Skylar Grey donned the Mirror Handbags in gold and Swarovski crystals to share messages such as “the future is female” and “girl power” to make a stand for women’s and girls’ rights everywhere.

Fashion can have the power to be used for social good.

The 1O-Year Anniversary Show

Pink & Black Collection

Nieves Alvarez

Twitter Dress

Safura Dress

Black Diamond

Hibiscus, Pink Collection

The Hibiscus Dress showcases the atelier’s savour faire. Multiple layers of fuchsia silk chiffon alternate with tangerine woven changeant silk chiffon to recreate the natural beauty of the hibiscus flower.

The collection also features a pink version of the K-Dress, a Luscious hand-pleated Pink and Blush silk chiffon dress that lights up in many different colours and patterns for a magical effect. The K-Dress is inspired by our iconic light-up dress that Katy Perry wore at the MET Ball 2010.

The K Dress has a small snap-in controller that recharges via USB. Just plug it into any computer USB port and charge. The long-life battery is fully charged in about 2 hours and you will be shimmering and glowing the whole night.

Autumn Winter Paris

Katy Perry

This dress was designed by CuteCircuit co-founders Francesca and Ryan for Katy Perry to attend the 2010 MET Gala. Francesca’s dress design sketch was inspired by delicate rose petals, the dress consists of luxurious layers of pleated ivory and blush Italian silk that create a fluid and feminine silhouette. Micro-LEDs change colour and illuminate during the course of the evening. The dress is complemented by a gorgeous Lorraine Schwarz pink and white diamond necklace. This marked the first time that a wearable technology garment featured on the red carpet.

Aurora Dress

Galaxy Dress




Aqua Dress