Breakthrough AR+VR Technology

The world’s first true 3D-Audio System, developed from the ground up by CuteCircuit in order to create immersive, seamless, realtime, rich audio experiences for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications.

The Sound Shirt


Currently on display at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum; The Sound Shirt is the first of its kind – a haptic wearable device that allows deaf audience members to experience a symphony orchestra.

The SoundShirt brings music to life in a way that can be felt physically, live, in-realtime, on the body in a tactile language.

Converse ALL-WAH


Introducing the Converse All Wah. The latest Converse Chuck Hack and first ever fully functional digital wah-wah pedal in a sneaker, officially tested by A.Turbant of Klink Clock.

easyJet Uniforms of the Future


CuteCircuit designs futuristic sensor-enhanced uniforms for the cabin-crew and ground-crew of British airline easyJet for their 20th anniversary. Featuring the first special runway show on board an aircraft!

Rexona Total InifiniTshirt


The entire shirt is an interface to the activity of two young lovers. Video was created for the Thai market where it has gathered over 7 Million Views on YouTube.

Technological Couture for Mercedes Benz


Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week takes a bold look at the future of fashion with an exclusive exhibition at Lincoln Center, showing the innovative fashions from CuteCircuit and starring our co-founders Francesca and Ryan as testimonials for the new Mercedes Benz.

Faithless 2.0 Tour


Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz celebrate Faithless’ 20th anniversary with the Faithless 2.0 tour wearing exclusive stage costumes designed by CuteCircuit. Maxi is wearing the exclusive version of the menswear Tuxedo and Bliss is wearing a very special little black dress. The garments were live v-jayed by our creative director Francesca for their first show at Rockhal in Luxembourg.

Katy Perry at iTunes Festival


We’ve got the Eye of the Tiger – winking at you – on an interactive mini-skirt.



One of the most innovative movers in Italian Rock has partnered with CuteCircuit and Google to allow their fans to interact live with their stage show, using participation to create a different stage show at each end every location of the tour.

Animations and images created by fans appear on the jackets of the singers during their performance, new sets of images are chosen for each city from fans from that city.

Katy Perry on American Idol


In an exclusive one-time performance, Katy launches her latest single ET on national television while performing with interactive fashion from CuteCircuit. The white bodysuit is embroidered with CuteCirucit’s Galaxy micro-LEDs and Swarovski crystals, with laser cut reflective decoration that highlight the body’s movement.

The Hug Shirt


The World’s First Wearable Haptic Telecommunication Device. The HugShirt allows people to share touch over a distance with loved ones.

Yuri Dress


The Icon of Mexican Pop dons a stunning and luxurious look for her tour.

Samsung Jackets


Entertainment of the Future includes interactive fashion that delights with colourful animations when synchronising with the evening’s TV entertainment.

Mercedes Pilot Suit


Teaming up with Mercedes and Tinie Tempah to create a new experience that makes driving in the future a form of expression through sound and light.

The Bloody Beetroots


Nothing but the best for Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo: Adorned with a ridiculous amount of high power LEDs so that his face can blaze like the sun, the latest Bloody Beetroots mask is a veritable powerhouse of pure super-hero class wattage. Each night this mask turns Bob’s head into a high-power convulsion-inducing stroboscopic lighthouse. He can blind you with a look.

the CBS Skirt


Brining a new Interactivity to the annual CBS upfront, Vice President Jo-Ann wears CuteCircuit.

Flying Skirt for Laura Pausini


Italian singer Laura Pausini, gracefully glided over the audience in the dramatic finale of her Inedito tour. The 5-meter long interactive silk chiffon skirt animated in synchronisation with the stage video walls creating a magical effect.

LBD for Nicole Scherzinger


Performing at Battersea Power Station for the launch of the EE network Nicole wears a little black dress by CuteCircuit.

The LBD is synchronised with the stage lighting and music creating amazing visuals during Nicole’s performance.

U2: The 360° Tour


Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam all got futuristic wardrobe upgrades for the 360 tour.

T-ShirtOS and Infini-Tshirt


The new Inifini-Tshirt (formerly known as t-Shirt OS) was launched as the first fully customisable t-shirt, a blank canvas for personal expression. The app-controlled t-shirt animates with images, animations, tweets, photos, and plays music too!



The launch of the new Volkswagen during the  Frankfurt Motor Show features 40 dancers wearing CuteCircuit illuminated pilot suits.



The World’s First Wearable Mobile Phone Garment. Answer calls directly for your Little Black Dress!

NYC Boys


The NYC Boys are the hottest boy-band in Tokyo, see them wearing CuteCircuit onstage for both their tour and this exclusive Kahaku performance live on national tv for New Year’s Eve.



The World’s First Activity Tracking Activewear Garment. Track your tricks and share them with your friends.

LifeFuture for Saab


The World’s First Solar Powered & Solar Charging Fashion to launch a sustainable futures initiative with SAAB.

Yuri’s Catsuit


Super sleek, performance wear for the Queen of Latin Music.