The Twitter Dress

Nicole Scherzinger wears the world’s first Twitter Dress as she enters the Battersea Power Station for her show.

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The Twitter Dress

World’s first Haute Couture Twitter Dress

CuteCircuit has designed the World’s first Haute Couture Twitter Dress. Commissioned by EE to mark the launch of the company’s super-fast 4G mobile network in the UK, it was worn by Nicole Scherzinger at the launch event at Battersea Power Station in London.

An elegant black evening gown made of more than 10 metres of the

most finest and delicate floaty french chiffon changeant and embellished with over 2000 sharp triangular Hematite Swarovski Elements…Edgy and sophisticated.

The dress includes the latest technology, lighting up with extraordinary animations and receiving Tweets in real time.

Everyone can use the hashtag #tweetthedress to see their words be part of CuteCircuit’s magic.

The Twitter dress has been part of the Science Museum Late Nights in London, The Gadget Show and the Today Show in Los Angeles. More to come… To learn more follow the hashtag tweethedress on twitter!


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