The Mask: Bloody Beetroots

Bloody Beetroots wearing CuteCircuit Mask

The Mask: Bloody Beetroots

CuteCircuit has designed a spectacular mask for dj Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, aka the Bloody Beetroots.
Respecting the original Mask shape, the new high tech Mask lights up adding more adrenaline to the show and even more strength to the music.

The new Mask was inspired by the need of the Bloody Beetroots to interact with their audience in a more direct way.

The Mask is controlled wirelessly using CuteCircuit’s Q Software MIDI controls and features hundreds of LEDs that flash and sparkle following the rhythm of the music in a futuristic live performance that is captivating fans all around the world.

Don’t miss the chance to watch the “making of” videos of the CuteCircuit’s Mask ‘SBCR presents… Bloody Beetroots Mask Reveal’ on YouTube.