The debut of the Graphene dress

The debut of the Graphene dress

The Graphene Dress is the World’s first little black dress to incorporate Graphene. Graphene is the Nobel Prize winning material that has the following characteristics: lightweight, conductive, transparent, strong.

The dress has a Graphene enhanced stretch sensor that captures the breathing pattern of the wearer. The data is stored into a real-time database, the powerful microprocessor that powers the dress analyses the data and depending on the depth of the breath taken by the wearer changes the colour of the dress’ LED decoration.

When the wearer takes a shallow breath the LEDs turn from orange to green, for a deep breath the LEDs change from purple to turquoise. The LEDs are placed on a transparent Graphene element, so it looks like the LEDs are floating, this displays the transparency and conductive ability of the Graphene, there are no wires in the dress.

In the future we might use the same system for sportswear and ready to wear garments in the CuteCircuit collection.

The Graphene Dress is a haute couture dress that will be on display in museums around the world. See it this summer in the United Kingdom at the Great Exhibition of the North.