Laura Pausini Aqua Dress

Verona, 4th of June – The Arena di Verona is filled to the brim for the Inedito Tour.

Out of the darkness Laura Pausini magically appears in a slim aqua dress with a sensual train and sparkling crystals dripping down the length. As she reaches the first chorus, the dress takes on a life of its own and bursts into light with glowing patterns timed to the music.

The piece is a custom-made version of the Aqua Dress from the CuteCircuit Haute Couture Collection 2012, and it will be part of the Italian artist wardrobe for the rest of the Inedito World Tour.

The water theme chosen by the artist for her amazing song “Invece No” was the perfect one. Another unforgettable experience, that the CuteCircuit Team has enjoyed sharing with Laura Pausini. The Tour started on December 22nd 2011 and Laura continues to delight and surprise her adoring fans!

Verona has became one of the most emotional stops of the Inedito Tour. Laura Pausini has decided to donate all the revenues of the three-day concert series to the Emilia Romagna region earthquake’s victims.

This is the second CuteCircuit unique design to make an appearance on the Inedito Tour, following the wonderful experience from previous concerts where Laura wore the 4.5 meters long Jewel Skirt. The Aqua Dress features Galaxy technology and 5670 LEDs that shine from top to bottom through the delicate Aqua Techno-Tulle creating magical patterns. Swarovski crystal decorations highlight the shape of the dress; all about aqua tones- Moonlight, Diamond, Aquamarine, Light Sapphire, Peridot …thousands of Swarovski crystals fall like brilliant water drops along the stunning silhouette of the dress.

We thank all the Laura Pusini fans for sending us their pictures and videos of the shows, grazie mille!